NADFOR Commissioner Speech1 Monthly I inter Sub-Sector Coordination Meeting July 2021.

NADFOR Commissioner Speech1 Monthly I inter Sub-Sector Coordination Meeting
Date: 6/7/2021
Venue: Virtual meeting.
1. Opening remarks by commissioner of NADFOR
2. Current situations of the country
3. Brief update on the impact of 2021 GU seasonal rains.
4. Brief update on current health conditions of the country
5. Pest-infestation( locust)
Opening remarks by Commissioner of NADFOR
Commissioner of NADFOR who chaired the Monthly inter Sub-Sector Coordination Meeting and firstly he has extended his appreciation to UNOCHA, sectorial leads and co-leads and all humanitarian partners who are present in this Meeting. He is also encouraging to all sectorial lead and co-leads to improve and strengthen their coordination meetings on their side, this will help us to always avoid humanitarian gaps and duplications.
Commissioner briefed participants as humanitarian partners about current situation of the country and recent NADFOR response to Wadaamo-go Village affected by storms that damaged some of the houses of the community and their livelihood. On 22 June, 2021 NADFOR distributed food to 250 Households in Wadaamo-goo village, who are affected by those storms.
Brief update on current health situation of the country
Ministry of Health development briefed participants about current health situations of Somaliland communities in general.MOHD briefly reported on 685 cases of Diarrhea occurred in Togdheer region but MOHD has taken efforts for treating these cases and finally declined about 75% of these cases.
Brief update on the current situation of the Pest-infestation (locust) of the county
Ministry of Agriculture highlighted that desert locust had already out broken in coastal, sub coastal and Golis ranges in the western regions, as well as other parts of the eastern regions of Somaliland . The first group of the desert locust out broke in the affected areas on 17th May 2021.
To control the negative impact of locust, Ministry of Agriculture has continued effective measures to control it by air and ground.
Discussions about the coming Karan/Deyr rainy seasons
Since the 2021 GU, rainfall performance was near average to below average and it also started late time across the country, all participating members suggested that there is an urgent need for closely looking into the coming Karan/Deyr seasonal rainfall performance. If the rainy seasons fail, it is advisable for all stakeholders (Government, International and UN-organizations and the like to raise emergency funds to assist the vulnerable communities in the epicenter of the drought/disaster.
Next coordination meeting: It was agreed to be held on Thursday, 29 July 2021.