National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserve Authority (NADFOR) is the principal agency for the Government of Somaliland with overall responsibility for the management of disaster related risk, including mitigation and prevention, preparedness and coordination, monitoring and reporting of emergency responses. The institution is headed by a Commissioner appointed by the president and is supported by five departments, including the Department of Relief & Islamic Relation – a department that is staffed by a director and aided by several technical personnel with various responsibilities.


2. Relief Section

  • Arab and Islamic Relation
  • Relief aid with Arab and Islamic countries.
  • Relationships local charities.
  • Continuous communication with ministries and government agencies.

3. Media & Public Awareness

Media: Full responsibility for the social communication of the NADFOR from periodic reports and news, as well as official meetings

With local and international bodies and ministries.

Public awareness: We in our department are responsible for spreading awareness and shearing the report on early warning of a disaster, through the
media, after obtaining approval from the commission.