EXECTUTIVE SUMMARY                                                                               

A combination of two consecutive dry seasons that resulted with severe water shortages, and rising food prices have left Somaliland citizens mostly severely drought affected in the country. The intensity of the drought has led to water shortages, crop failures, and scarce pasture for livestock. 


Overall, the rapid assessment findings shows that severity is higher in Togdheer, Sool and Sanaag regions, and some parts of Marodijeh, Sahil and Awdal regions with current people who are at critical situation in need of emergency assistance hits 810,000 person and should the current drought conditions maintain in the next coming two to three months. The number of affected people will be 1,200,420 persons across all the six main regions in Somaliland. The top priority needs of the people affected to date are mainly water (70%), Food (21%) and Health (9%).  


In addition, Population experienced abnormal migration influx in search of food, water, and pasture, is on the increase, with reports of new arrivals and departures including in the last one month. Access to water remains very limited, the available Berkeds and shallow wells in most locations have dried up due failed rainy seasons. Food and water prices increasing across the regions while livestock market prices are decreasing considerably. Livestock access to water is extremely worsening across the country and the situation is highly expected to worsen in the first quarter of 2022.